Instructions for presentations

Your submission has been assigned as either an oral or a poster presentation. Please check on the detailed program in which session your presentation is.

Instructions for oral presentations


Morning plenary sessions (invited sessions): each paper is allocated 20 minutes including time for questions. We recommend that the presentation of your slides take about 17 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for questions from the audience.

Afternoon parallel sessions: each paper is allocated 17 minutes including time for questions. We recommend that the presentation of your slides take about 14 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for questions from the audience.

In each session few additional minutes are available for session-chair introductions.


Speakers must load and validate their presentations at the Speaker Desk no later than 2 hours before their presentation.

  • Please bring your PDF/Powerpoint presentation on a USB stick.
  • If your presentation is scheduled early in the morning, your presentation should be submitted to the technical staff the evening before the day of your presentation. Your presentation will be uploaded to the master computer in the meeting room. In the meeting room, a few minutes before the session, the list of speakers will be displayed on the computer screen installed at the lectern. Simply click on your name to start your presentation.


  • The meeting room is equipped with a master computer, which shall be used for all presentations.
  • It is highly recommended for authors not to connect their own laptop to the video projector.
  • Presentations must be PCs compatible (It is easier to transfer Mac formatted files to PC formatted files than otherwise).


Powerpoint, Office and PDF file format are accepted. Do not forget to bring your video files (.mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .divx) with your final presentation onto PC formatted file support! You must insert the video file in your presentation using the insert video function of the PowerPoint software.


Slides attract and hold attention as well as reinforce what you say - provided you keep them simple and easy to read. Make sure that each of your key points is easy to explain with aid of the material on your slides. To achieve appropriate timing, organize your slides around the points you intend to make, using no more than one slide per minute. A reasonable strategy is to allocate about 2 minutes per slide when there are equations or important key points to make, and one minute per slide when the content is less complex. Avoid addressing more than 6 points per slide.

Poster presentations

Bring your poster already printed. There will be no printing services available on site.

A presenting author is expected to be available in front of the poster for the entire duration of the poster sessions!

A first poster session is planned on Monday 28 from 17h20 to 18h30 (1h10) and will continue until 20h00 during the ice breaker cocktail (same location). A second poster session is planned on Tuesday 29 from 15h30 to 16h50 (1h20). We are keen to raise the design standards of conference posters. Thus, please remember: a poster is first and foremost a visual communication.

POSTER DIMENSION (maximum size)

  • Height: 200 cm
  • Width: 100 cm


Your poster will be displayed in the exhibition area of the convention Center. Each poster board is numbered, corresponding with your paper number. The number of your poster board is recalled in the final programme.

Set-up schedule:

  • Set-up: starting Monday 28 Sept - 08.00
  • Dismantle: ending Wednesday 30 Sept - 18.30

Your poster must be displayed for the duration of your event. So we kindly ask that it is not removed beforehand. Posters not removed by their authors on time will be taken down by staff and no responsibility can be taken for their safe return. Please ensure that it is removed according to the schedule above.


Adhesive velcro will be provided on site at the conference Welcome Desk. Push pins, staples etc. are not necessary. Please note, that no electricity will be provide next to the poster boards.


  • The title of your poster should be at the top, in large letters to get the viewer's attention.
  • Posters should display the paper number, authors, institution of origin and contact details.
  • Your goal is to convey a clear message and support it with a compelling combination of images and short blocks of text.
  • All text on the objectives, methods, results and conclusions need to be kept brief.
  • Every element, including graphs/tables must be easily readable from a distance of 2 m.
  • Consider how best use colors, photos, charts and pictures to enhance the information.