Topics and Themes

The aim of the SilviLaser 2015 conference is to present advancements in the field of Lidar applications for understanding forest ecosystem functioning and assessing, monitoring, and managing these complex ecosystems.

Themes and topics will cover a wide range of laser technologies, from terrestrial to spaceborne lidar and their use across a diversity of forest and forested landscape applications.


Submissions are invited in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Forest assessment and monitoring
  • Forest mapping and inventory
  • Carbon and biomass modelling and mapping
  • Forest products and timber quality
  • Forest ecosystem modelling
  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Forest health
  • Monitoring natural and human induced disturbances
  • Uncertainty in remotely sensed vegetation data products
  • Issues specific to complex environments: tropical forests, mountain forests
Forest management and policy
  • From research to operational applications
  • Use of Lidar data to support forest management and operations
  • Lidar in national forest inventory
  • Monitoring effects of regional to national forest policies
  • International agreements and programs
Enhancing forest observation capabilities
  • New lidar technologies
  • Terrestrial and mobile lasers
  • Future spaceborne Lidar systems
  • Multispectral Lidar
  • Multisensor systems
Progress in modelling and processing Lidar data
  • Lidar signal simulation using radiative transfer models
  • New data processing algorithms
  • Change detection and time series analyses
  • Data integration in support of multiscale assessments
  • Interactions between forest and atmosphere